The story of our garden.


I dream of a sylvan vista, a patchwork quilt of garden complete with wooden gates to secret places; a Richard Curtis garden party sort of garden. What I’ve got is a small suburban rectangle approx 70m2, a driveway and a 64m2 front garden. I thought I’d define what I mean by ‘small’ first off, as I still harbour a grudge against Nigel Slater regarding our differing definitions of tiny. I was carried along through his book Tender thinking he and I shared similar-sized spaces. I still prickle with disappointment when I remember how I realised that his version of tiny was about three times the size of my version. Tender has has sat untouched on the bookshelf since. The betrayal is still too raw. Although I am feeling more well disposed towards him after reading his Christmas Chronicles book, mainly because he didn’t mention his ‘tiny’ garden.

Anyway, rather than look out of the patio door with a perennial sense of disappointment about our lot, garden wise, I decided to embrace the space. It’s a work in progress, but several projects have been completed over the years, click here to read more…

garden plan