The House with the Blue Door.


There is a real house with the blue door…

On a fine day in June I cycled the three miles from my then house to the Humberston Fitties in Cleethorpes on the North East Lincolnshire coast. I was trying to pedal and talk to an estate agent on my phone at the same time as find my way around the myriad lanes of this unique piece of coast to find a chalet for sale.

Eventually, hot, flustered and late I took stock of what I’d come to see. A wooden chalet, probably built in the Sixties, looking very much as though an overgrown beach hut had crawled inland and taken a look around and decided that this was where it would stop.

Its paint was peeling from years in the salty air. It was crammed with old furniture and had a whiff of wet dog about it. The ceiling in the main room hung low. It would need work I thought as I cycled back home.

‘We’re going to look at the house with the blue door’ I said to my son who was travelling on the back of my bike as I returned for a second look before, heart rather than head, putting an offer on on this rather unassuming property.

Three years and lots of hard work later The House With The Blue Door as a name has stuck. It’s my retreat. It’s hosted birthday parties, beach days, sleepovers and lazy nights with friends sitting on the decking. The gamble paid off!