The smaller the better…


I am 85% happy with my small garden, but I’m still mesmerised by large gardens and regularly daydream about what I would do with more space to play with.

When I first came across this quote, it seemed a bit counter-intuitive, but as I wrote the quote out with my calligraphy pen I realised the sense in this piece of garden wisdom. I am able to grow a cherry tree that is untouched by birds because I have a patio cherry by the front door – it’s proximity to the house means that I get to eat every cherry. My limited space has given my imagination boundless inspiration and the garden we have now, with its combination of my growing space, and our son’s play space is the way it is, and gets the compliments it does, is precisely because of our lack of space. We also have a bit of a south-facing microclimate, and I’m successful with lettuces in my wall-mounted gutter gardens. I’m also not having to spend hours and hours a week maintaining the space, cutting the grass etc. So I do think that, for us, this quote is spot on. A small space does make us happy and does help us to be successful with growing our own, we just have to accept that we will always be harvesting on a more micro scale!

2 thoughts on “The smaller the better…

    1. Thanks – yes I think so – I’m able to have a lovely intimate relationship with the growing things in my garden, that if it was bigger, I might miss!

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