Heavenly light


We recently visited Lincoln on a day out with some friends, and took a detour from the beer garden we were enjoying the sun in to take a look around Lincoln Cathedral. I was enthralled by the sunshine creating pools of light on the stone floors through the stained glass windows. So ethereal and otherworldly. To medieval minds it must have seemed as though God really was shining his light upon them. The clouds meant that the bejewelled floors were just a transient feature and I had to wait patiently for the sun to appear to be able to photograph the reds and blues pouring across the stone. Painting the scene later was a way of committing to memory the feeling of standing in a beautiful space illuminated by rainbow glints, as transitory as soap bubbles. Painting is offering me a new way to appreciate the things in life that can sometimes get lost among the hubub and noise of modern life.

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