When the weather throws a curved ball

IMG_20180219_061605_061I started work on this illustration a couple of weeks ago, when the nights started to get brighter and there was a distinct smell of spring in the air. I do always thing that spring starts off with a scent, of damp earth and things growing. Then last week the weather delivered the UK a weather curve ball, on the start of meteorological spring we were all buried under snow, blown about by gale-force winds and hardened by arctic temperatures.

But today, the only reminder, for us in Lincolnshire, are sculpted snow drifts still lying thick by the roadsides despite the 12 degrees Celsius and sunshine. It would seem the proverb holds true, the endless cold, snow and lack of heating of last week and the arrested spring have gone. My Instagram feed is full of crocuses opening their petals like outstretched arms to the sun and finally it feels like spring is, finally, following

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