Blue skies and chilly temperatures

seaside-chaletMarch 1st signals the start of spring and the start of the open season for the House with the Blue Door. From this week until the end of December we can enjoy spending as much time as we like at our little chalet.

Last Sunday we sat on the decking in double-figure temperatures. Today we sat under crystaline skies whose radiance belied the barely-above-freezing figure. It didn’t stop us flinging the blue front door open though and as we did so a lithe dog ran in away from its owners, who were standing in the lane looking at the chalets along our tree-lined but muddily potholed lane. Cradling my cuppa I went out to speak to them. To them owning one of these chalets would be something of dreams or a Lottery win. You forget, don’t you, that what you have may be something dreams are made of? It made me appreciative of our little blue and white wooden bungalow and I enjoyed chatting to the two women about how special the Humberston Fitties is, glowing as it was today under brilliant sunshine. This happens a lot, people walk their dogs, or their children down our lane, casting appreciative glances at all the different wooden constructions that make up the Fitties community and imagine themselves, mugs in hand, sitting in the sunshine, away from the cares of the world, by the seaside.

Despite the piercing cold hubs, myself and the small boy sat outside on the deck, which enjoys something of a micro-climate as it sits in front of a sheltered bank. Next to walk past along the lane were my husband’s relatives, who had taken a walk down here to see if we were in. It’s one of the joys of owning this chalet; the impromptu visits when people fancy some sea air or a walk along the beach. We clicked the kettle on again and sat outside warming our hands around the mugs chatting and laughing in the sunshine.

NEWSFLASH: According to Instagram Cleethorpes beach is the most beautiful place outside London!

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