Job interviews and happy places

Small boy on the beach with handlettering painted over photograph.

I’ve got a job interview this morning, so today’s preparation has mostly involved mainlining cups of tea and cutting wafer-thin slices of chocolate cake; the slenderness of the slices allows me to convince myself that this obviates the fact I’m eating it at 9.20am as well as wiping out the calorie content.

I should be cramming on Pinterest for how to best answer difficult questions and wipe the floor with the other candidates but nerves have rendered my brain rather insensible so drawing and playing about with photos of my son seems like the best option to while away the time before I set off. That way when the sugar rush subsides during my interview I can take myself off to my happy place – a day at the beach with my son last summer.

The sun was high in an azure blue sky, he was wearing his Fireman Sam sunglasses and he was totally lost at play in the sand. I just laid with him on the warm, fine sand smiling at how cute he always looks in his slightly lopsided sunglasses. We lose that when we get older don’t we? That all-consuming pleasure of the moment because we get programmed to be constantly thinking about the future. So to distract myself from thinking about the future I thought I’d do a bit of arty stuff instead.

I loved this quote when I found it the other day ‘Don’t grow up too quickly lest you forget how much you love the beach’ – I knew it would fit perfectly with this photograph. And during the stress of today I need to remember how much I love the beach, and my son, and that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get the job. Now, I just think I’ve got time for one more teeny slice of cake…

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