Meet me where the sky meets the sea


There’s a small dog running along the beach in this photo, but it’s silhouetted against the black ruched marks in the sand so you can’t really see it. The Lincolnshire coast where this photograph was taken is a place where the vast skies meet the river then the sea and early in the morning and last thing at night they take on a liminal quality. I wasn’t sure about zendoodling the sky in this images, but once I’d added black zendoodles to the sand, it started to work with the quote to join the sea and and sky.

I showed someone my work recently who said, ‘ooh, I’ve got an app that can do that’. I was momentarily horrified. I don’t want an app to create my quotation images. I use images I’ve taken down at the Humberston Fitties, then turn them into illustrations by hand. They are analogue and physical. I want what I do to the images and lettering to help bring out the soul of the beach and the coast, an app just won’t do that!

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