Spontaneity refreshes the brain

“Pack your rucksack, we’re going on an adventure,” I said to the small boy last night. Okay, a spontaneously booked train trip to Saltaire in Yorkshire may not be the most obvious child-friendly entertainment to spring on a child in half-term, but I figured it was worth the risk. I’d heard a lot about Saltaire at a recent lecture and I fancied just going for the day. It’s been a really, really stressful few weeks at work and some distraction was in order.

And how did our day trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site go? Despite the small boy saying he didn’t want to go when I eagerly mentioned the surprise on him, we had a great time. I know that I need to make the most of mummy and boy days while he’s still young enough to enjoy my company, and this one will stay in my memory, and hopefully, his, for a long time.

We explored a new place together, stopped in cafes for a drink, shared our loved of pens, books and stationery, and sat on the train reading his school books and practising his spelling for school next week. We giggled, looked, walked and played and it was worth every penny of the train fare.

Taking a five-year-old round an icon of the Industrial Revolution isn’t the most obvious place you’d think of, but we really enjoyed each other’s company and I’m rather proud of the pair of us for negotiating six train journeys all in one day!

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