Garden envy?

winter pansy

The Guardian published the results of the International Garden Photographer of the year, which had me sighing wistfully over these stunning images and then looking askance at my own tiny, wind-battered and green-with-winter-damp patch of garden and wishing I had acres of space. Until I recall my friend, who has to spend five hours a week during the summer cutting the grass, and then I remember that I’d rather be sitting in my garden rather than mowing the grass. I’m also quite easily contented once I can figure out a way of creating small-space version of something from a large-space garden. So, a plan for this year is to plant a mini orchard in my front garden using mirabelle fruit trees and to finish off the mini orangery I began at the end of last summer. The key is not to be frustrated by lack of space but to use it as an opportunity to rise to the challenge!

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