Unicorns and glitter…

My son is at that age where he gets invited to a lot of birthday parties, and I get a bit bored with spending ages looking round shops to find ‘suitable’ presents. Our friends had their daughter’s birthday party last weekend and I wanted to make her a special journal for her drawings and writing.

As my son started school in September last year it’s been nice to watch his writing and drawing develop over the last few months. He’s done this in one of my old sketchbooks. A nice hardback with good-quality paper in it. It has created a nice document of his development and means he learns to treat his special sketchbook with respect and looks forward to using it.

It seems a bit counter-intuitive to give really nice sketchbooks to really young children, but we’ve found it really works.

My friend’s dad isn’t very keen on the whole glitter and unicorn vibe, but his daughter is, so I went a bit full-on fairy, and I enjoyed not trailing round a toy shop to come up with a party gift!

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