Many things grow in a garden…

I have set myself a task this month to create daily a garden quote. I have a lovely old book entitled A Gardener’s Bouquet of Quotations. Even the title is evocative ‘bouquet’ not collection, ‘quotations’ not quotes. I picked it up last summer from a fabulous secondhand book shop in an old stables at Belton House.

I found this lovely quote ‘Many things grow in a garden that were never planted there’ by Thomas Fuller. It’s so simple and so true. My little rectangle of garden is so good for me in so many ways. It provides my morning view of the world, gives me somewhere to grow and provides peace on frantic days.

Duly inspired I pen and inked the quote before digitising it and colouring it in Illustrator. I’m thinking it might make a nice cushion or canvas bag!

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