The joy of flasks

A couple of days ago I made myself a cup of tea in a flask and took it to where I volunteer so that I could enjoy a beverage out of the tiny flask-top cup.

Flask tea is like camping tea. It’s invariably drunk outdoors and takes more effort than simply flicking the switch on the kettle. It also has that mindfulness and drinking in the present quality that means you really concentrate on what you’re imbibing rather than hurriedly just necking a mugful of something in front of your screen.

The joy of a flask is shared by that similar thing the picnic. In the summer my son and his friend packed a picnic, a few balls and a rug and then literally walked round the corner to a very unassuming playing field. It felt like a real adventure to the boys, they thought it was great. And grown up though I am, I found myself being carried along by the simple joy of it all.

We’ve also biked to our local woods with the flask and simply sat on a bench and had a cup of tea together. There really is something magical about a flask, and not just because it keeps my tea hot for ages!

Note: Pack a flask, or a picnic. You’ll always feel like you’re having an adventure in the most ordinary of circumstances!

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