Turning down the volume


It’s a common refrain from me in our house. It’s too loud, turn it down. To which my husbands comes back with the usual response that it’s not too loud, that I have over-sensitive hearing.

But, today, I’ve decided to turn down a different sort of noise, the noise of input. For the last few weeks my time has been taken up with analysing blogs, newspaper websites and punditry regarding the political situation in the UK. This tirade of news came to an ugly head last week with the loss of (to date) 79 lives in the Grenfell tower block fire. My feelings on the subject are beyond the scope of this post, but the thought that so many people could loose their lives when they should have been safe in their homes horrifies me. But, what can I do? Sympathy won’t help, which is why I won’t change my Facebook profile or make postings about ‘friends and families having my sympathy’. I have donated to one of the Just Giving sites. If I can’t help practically, I can help with a monetary donation.

And yet, my media overload and concern over issues I can have very little control over left me feeling utterly numb and drained over the weekend. So, today I’ve decided to turn the volume down on sensory overload, too much news reading, too many angry trolls on social media sites, too many heated discussions with family.

I work in journalism so to not read the news daily feels like a dereliction of duty, but for the minute I just need to limit my input to let my brain rebalance a bit.

So, today I’ve returned to reading my favourite minimalism blogs to remind me that there are ways to find calm in this world, and one of the ways I need to do that at the minute is to unplug.

When my son was a baby I would always know when he’d been overstimulated by his fractious behaviour. It’s part of the modern condition unfortunately with children and adults alike, to constantly agitate the bucket, stirring things up and not letting things settle. This week I need to let things settle, the volume needs to come down and the shouting needs to not be heard. Not by me anyway. Not this week.


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