Banging your head against a glass door

glass door

The other day I had the patio doors open and was having a lazy hour reading a book. The quiet was disrupted by a rhythmic slapping noise. I looked up from my reading to see a moth repeatedly flying into the window pane of the patio door. It did this endlessly, unable to see that the way to escape to freedom and fresh air was through the open door, not the glassed panel. However, instead of trying an alternative method of escape, it just repeated the same action of flying into the glass. Over. And over. And over again. After assisting with its eviction it struck me that I often get stuck in thought patterns like that. Thinking the same things over and over again and wondering why my life doesn’t change as a consequence. Expending valuable energy and brain power being stuck doing the same things, not realising that a bit of lateral thinking will allow me to escape to freedom. It’s a powerful metaphor.

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