Heart’s desires

A friend showed me a list she’d written the other day – 100 things I want to do with my life. It made fascinating reading – we see each other weekly but it gave me a greater insight into her as a person to see what her hopes and aspirations are.

I came home and made a start on my on list. Some things are fairly ordinary ‘learn how to like drinking wine’ others pertain to higher ideals ‘learn Latin’. I’ve been working on my list for a week and I’ve got about 20 more ideas to come up with.

But, do you know what I realised as I started writing it? Sometimes we spend so long concentrating on the things we think we don’t have or haven’t done that we overlook the fact that we now have the things that were once dreams.

As I worked through my list it made me reflect on all the things I have done – I’ve become a mum, I’ve travelled to Italy, I’ve been on an adventure (several in fact – we have cycled the coast of England and Wales), I’ve got an open fire in our house, I’ve got a garden I enjoy being in, I’ve had a successful career in journalism, I’ve made new friends (when once I thought I’d lost all mine for good).

Far from being an exercise in wishful thinking my 100 things list has made me realise how grateful I am for all the things I’ve already done with my life and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve a lot more. And only one of the things on my list involves purchasing a thing – the rest are experiences, doesn’t that tell you something about happiness?

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